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It rains a lot in Beulah Land, and on those occasions we Mississippian Deltans often retreat to our front porch and allow water to seek its own level--metaphorically and literally. We live in old country seemingly suspended in time, carved from thickets, forests, swamps.  Porch MS Blue 2 It is full of old porches, doubtlessly built by sturdy folk weathering a storm who realized the need of a place for restful, deliberate, and contemplative study of their and posterity's circumstances.  Our family's big, antique screened porch sits on the banks of Cassidy Bayou.  It is surrounded by lovely flowers, towering trees full of chatty birds, and the lazy, sprawling bayou drifting whimsically, seeking its own level, with only ageless, water-bound cypresses acting as compasses.  With an symphony of falling rain, I often plant myself on my porch's swing.  Work weariedn it's there I rest best, sense renewed life's promise with each rain drop, feel the air's dampness massaging a weary soul, view life from a different perspective, and reflect on our world and my station in it.

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Invariably a breeze sifting through the screen kidnaps my thoughts away from this peaceful sanctuary.  Contemplations carry me to a world I want to be mine--a  place where all neighbors are friends, with no false witness;   a community where all  incumbent differences are dealt with harmoniously; a world that is whole again with fecund land and clean water; a recognition that we are all a part of nature and that humanity will be better stewards of it.  My kidnapped thoughts only ransom requirements are payments of thoughtful reflection on problems followed by action toward their resolution.

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We at Two Brooks Farm intend a life cycle assessment of the product you purchase to result in the lowest possible cost to our planet’s resources and to society.  Our ecologically grown rice takes large strides in making a small ecological, carbon, and water footprint while maintaining production and quality in a symbiotic and biologically dynamic environment.  We strive to keep our land use per calorie generated low, as well as our resource cost per calorie generated low--perhaps unmatched.   Our production and processing system gives us mighty leverage to accomplish this. Egrets Fishing

Recycling water on our rich, heavy clay, composted, perfectly flat continuous rice land reduces the need for aquifer water and the energy to pump it.  Some years it requires no additional irrigation--it is rain fed.  This saves our aquifer for posterity, and the combustion of fossil fuels it would have taken to pump it.    

We want farm emitted water at least as clean as it was when it entered, especially free of silt and fertilizer.  We work to accomplish this through the filtering action of our connected labyrinth of continuous rice fields, which most waters we use cycle through.  These flat fields and aquatic life they support do an outstanding job of filtering and recycling any excess resources, mitigating environmental pollution.  

Carbon sequestration is enhanced with the highly elevated organic matter levels in our soil.  This results from natural composting and the no or low tillage system that is integral to our production system.Seedling Rice in Organic Matter

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Family 6910Our family has had presence in America since 1650, and our present family is the latest in an unbroken generational string of farmers who date back to 1742 when John Raulston farmed in Augusta County, Virginia. Generations since have sown seeds yielding over 270 consecutive crops throughout the South.

As a 10th generation farming family, we, with son Lawrence and daughter Abbey, live on the bayou in the most charming of Mississippi’s small towns-- Sumner. . We are the latest of generations instilled with a reverence of nature and farming by their parents. We combine that reverence of each on our farm, Twobrooks.  While ours is primarily a rice farm, we also grow Non-GMO soybeans and manage several acres of woodlands, lakes, bayou and river frontage meandering through and about our place for the benefit of wildlife and plants growing there. 

As farmers, we work diligently with our land to protect a future that is not our own.  We enjoy success primarily due to our realization that we must be good stewards of this earth while we work to produce your food.  Our family's awareness of our place in the planet's natural order begets our philosophy that we should tread softly over this planet in order to maintain balance in our lives and in nature so that subsequent generations can enjoy our world’s grace and bounty.  It is ingrained in us to make the most of the least, and to work with and through nature to produce food for those that rely on our efforts.

We understand mankind’s need for sustenance now and in the future.  Our population numbering 1 billion in 1800 has swollen to over 7 billion today, and will likely exceed 9.5 billion in 2150.  With that knowledge, today’s challenges in feeding mankind are evolving into tomorrow’s daunting task.

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Bayou 0365We farm for the love and livelihood of it. We realize there is an increasing burden on all farmers on our planet to grow sufficient foodstuffs for a burgeoning human population, as well as save our planet’s soils, waters, ecological balance, and other resources for the benefit of generations to come. With these sentiments, challenges, and ideals in mind, we intend to thoughtfully and conscientiously grow as many quality calories possible at the least possible expense to our planet’s great natural resources of soil, water, air, and space. These are our obligations to humanity and the nature we are all a part of.

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